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Creating a red ombre LipHow do you go about creating a red ombre lip? This short blog covers the basics for covering a seductive red lip using four products essentially the products to use are listed in the following order:

Faceliner Lip Liner – It is always advisable to add a product like a lip care balm to prepare the lips before applying any products to your lips to get them in the best possible condition. For this exercise use faceliner shade 31 to outline the top and bottom lip. This shade is ideal for this look. You may wish to feather the lip liner with a brow brush to flatten it and make it appear like a tattooed outline.


Dermacolor light lipstick shade DL8 Primary coat – Apply Dermacolor Ligh Lipstick shade DL8 all over the top and lower lip. Apply evenly blot and apply the second coat if you deem necessary.


Dermacolor light lipstick shade DL9 Dermacolor Light Lipstick shade DL9 is blended in from the bottom lip line starting to create an Ombre effect.    


Dermacolor light lipstick shade DL16Finally, use Dermacolor Light Lipstick shade DL16 this is the darkest of the three shades. Apply to the bottom lip line as this finally adds definition to the lip.  

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