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As I approached Brunswick Street West, the home of Translife my heart was pumping fast with nerves. I got out of the taxi and made my way to the front door ringing the doorbell I was greeted by Krista, Andys partner, I was invited in and straightaway made to feel at home, within a few minutes Andy arrived in the room, The three of us sat down and talked about why and what I would like to get from this weekend, as this was the first ever time I will be walking out dressed as a lady in my life I was to say I was very very nervous, So what seemed like about five or 10 minutes of talking which was nearly 2 hours I was so relaxed it was untrue how I felt,

cross dressing experience

I was shown to my beautiful room which was home for the next two days. I was asked what time I would like my makeover to begin, at around 5 o’clock I sat down and the magic began, within an hour and a half I was transformed to this very attractive lady who I know exist within me, thanks to Andy‘s expertise in makeup knowledge, I was asked if I would like to pick out something to wear, dress, wig, shoes, jewellery he as everything a lady could want. After A while I had been transformed to this lady which I had been waiting for for many years, the look which stood in front of the mirror was mind blowing thanks to Andy. While Andy was getting changed ready for a night out on the town all as I could do was admire myself in the full-size mirror in the living room, then came the time to leave the house the nerves had almost disappeared, the taxi arrived we got in and away we went. We arrived at the restaurant and at no time did any person glance at us I was so chilled out I just wanted to walk around Brighton all night, the night was so wonderful and I couldn’t wait to do it all again the next night. This has been the experience I have been waiting for the whole of my life and thanks to Krista and Andy they made it possible for it to happen I am truly grateful.   My next trip has already been booked.

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