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Croosdresssing Dreams

Wow! What a fantastic couple of days! So many firsts, so many targets achieved and desires fulfilled. I can’t believe I’ve done all the things I’ve wanted to do but never had the nerve to do. I really don’t know where to start.

I’m happily married to a wife I love very much. She doesn’t know about my crossdressing, how could I ever tell her. I would be far too scared of how she would react or think.

crossdressing DreamsI’d been to a number of dressing services over the years, although fine, they had never really fulfilled my desires. I’d bought a number of outfits over the years but kept throwing them away in an attempt to stop dressing. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really wanted to take my crossdressing a stage further, but how? I’m not getting any younger, and if I didn’t do this now I never would. I’d read a number of reviews about Translife and Andrew in Brighton, and they were all very favourable. I’d spoken to Andrew about what I wanted to achieve and booked into his hotel for two nights.

Can you imagine how I felt as I drove down to Brighton? I was petrified, I was apprehensive, downright scared, but also determined and excited – it was now or never. When I arrived in Brighton, my nerves had not improved. I found the place no problem, but you try parking in Brighton – must be worse than London. I’d arrived early, so probably walked around the area several times, building up the nerve to knock on the door. Even at the last minute I was very tempted to turn around and go home – but I didn’t.

Andrew was fantastic – put my mind at rest – we talked about anything and everything and slowly came round to talk about crossdressing, We discussed my desire to go out walking dressed, visiting a bar, a club and possibly going out for a meal. By this time my nerves had faded away – well almost. It took hours for the makeup and then choose the outfit. Andrew wants to get everything just right. He is also a crossdresser but, is absolutely amazing, and when he is ready to go out he looks unbelievable. I know I could never be passable, but he had done an amazing job on me as well, as passable as I could ever look.

It happened so quick before I really knew what was happening, the taxi was ordered, it arrived, and I was in the car on the way to an Italian restaurant. I was wearing heels – maybe not too high but very high for me – although far from brilliant I could and did walk in them. Much to my amazement, we got a very warm welcome from the staff at the restaurant and we sat down in a window seat. I could have murdered Andrew, couldn’t we have gone for a quiet seat at the back – he said it was better for people watching. I internally screamed – yes, but what about other people watching us. I looked around expecting everyone to be staring at us – but not even one person was looking in our direction. Maybe Brighton is a very tolerant and accepting city – I’m not gay, but all I know is that, amazingly, I felt comfortable and accepted and even welcomed in their Gay Quarter.

Time fled, and before I knew what was happening again, we were outside on our way to the Queen’s Arms. What a lively pub! There was a drag act on, and things that really surprised me about the pub – the number of girls, many clearly not gay, and everyone seemed to be out for a good time and really enjoying themselves. Much to my relief, we went round the back of the bar, where I could hide a little if I wanted. Before long the entertainment had finished and we were off to a club. This entailed a walk of 2 miles in heels, at least it felt that way, but in reality, was only 200 yards. We were clearly clocked a few times, but still no negative comments at all – one or two nice words, and a few smiles, but that was all.

We arrived at Legends, and after a chat with the friendly security staff, headed for the bar. My confidence was growing to such an extent that I ordered the drinks. Before we could finish our first drink we were spotted by four girls who were out for a girly night out from Portsmouth. I had never realised that blokes don’t normally talk to CD’s but girls do, and they’re quite happy to initiate the conversation and are really fascinated by CD’s. They wanted to know all about us, what we were doing there, how we felt dressed, why we did it, in fact, we ended up talking to them for the rest of the evening. Normally youngish girls would not approach older blokes and spend ages talking to them, let alone buy their drinks for the rest of the evening. They even dragged us down to the disco for a while, but dancing in heels was certainly a bridge too far for me. We bade them goodnight and headed home in a taxi at about 2 a.m.

Wow! What an evening! First time out dressed, first time walking in heels, first time dressed for a meal, First time dressed in a bar, and the first time in a club dressed. Having Andrew with me had given me so much confidence. I’d survived. I couldn’t believe how accepting everyone had been.

Day 2 starts with breakfast and a bit of a lie-in. My target today was to go out walking by myself dressed. No-one with me, no support of any kind. Whatever happened I would have to deal with it myself. My initial plan was to just walk around the block, then, if I felt I could do it, go out for increasingly longer walks. My first walk got greatly extended as I walked and grew in confidence. I must add that I wore flat shoes – thinking I could run away if things went wrong – I didn’t need to have any such fears. It felt like a very long walk, but in practice, it was only about 15 minutes. Again I think I was read a few times, but only smiles – no negativity at all. I didn’t go out for a second walk as planned, but not out of fear or lack of confidence, I really wanted to go out walking all day. My shoes were beginning to hurt and I was worried about my ability to walk in higher heels in the evening if I had carried on.

The evening was very like the previous night, but this time with no fear factor at all. Again we received a very warm welcome at the restaurant – this time a Thai restaurant. A really good female singer was performing at the Queen’s Arms and again everyone was enjoying themselves. This time a young Norwegian girl with her boyfriend kept looking over at us and smiling. She eventually came over to talk to us, saying how much she had enjoyed the pub and the entertainment, and wanted to know where there were similar places. Again we finished up at Legends – there were a few crossdressers in tonight and we spent quite a while talking to one of them. Yet another first – a first visit to the Ladies.

A really fantastic couple of days which has left me with two questions, which I still don’t have an answer to. ‘Why did it take me so long?’ and also ‘Where do I go from here?’ It was my real hope that by doing this it would be a one-off, and I would have got it out of my system.; I’m not so sure now. I certainly couldn’t and wouldn’t want to make it a regular thing, but I would certainly wish to relive this experience again.

Many, many thanks to Andrew from Translife for being so brilliant and making my dreams, which I never thought would be realised, come true. To anyone in a similar position to me – it is possible and you must go for it.

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