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My Crossdressing Experiences

As I approached Brighton station my heart was already beating faster, because for the very first time in my life I was about to visit a professional dressing service. The prospect was thrilling, exciting and absolutely nerve-wracking, especially as I’d promised myself I would venture out en femme, in public that very evening! Hours trawling the net for a great dressing service and weeks spent dreaming of the looks I could maybe achieve, were about to become reality!

Walking through Brighton, the nerves started to kick in and the doubts started to emerge. Was this an absolutely crazy risk? Well, it turned out, that in opting for TransLife, I’d made a fantastic choice. All of my doubts dispersed within seconds of crossing the threshold. Sitting in their beautifully their appointed house, I was soon nattering away with Andy and Krista like old friends.

It’s a real testament to their genuine friendliness and understanding that we somehow got onto the subject of crossdressing without even realising it. Suddenly I was chatting away quite openly about myself and what I was hoping to get from my visit. Andy (aka Sophie) was a great listener, understanding and supportive, but above all, he was an amazing confidence booster!

For the first hour or so it was fantastic just to chat away. I’d never been able to do it before, and its good to talk. Then after our chat, I was shown upstairs to my beautiful B&B bedroom so that I could freshen up and then it was on to the fun part!

As we entered the Translife dressing room I was entranced. There seemed to be a department store’s worth of cosmetics, rows of gorgeous wigs, racks of fabulous dresses, heels of all heights colours and sizes. There were panties, bras, drawers of shapewear and more jewellery than a girl could ever dream of. Everything looked very clean, fresh and well organised. I was thrilled and impressed in equal measure.

crossdressing experiencesWell, the next few hours were just heaven. Andy did an absolutely amazing makeup job. He found the perfect balance between ‘age-appropriate’ and on-the-town gorgeousness! His skilful and subtle contouring had me staring into the mirror in complete disbelief. Then for the wig. We must have tried seven or eight but in the end, we settled for a medium length brunette which we both instantly knew was Vickie.

Andy produced a variety of support garments, silicone hip pads, silicone breasts etc and carefully explained how they were all used.

“I’m not going to oversee this particular part of the process” he grinned and left me to get my shapewear in place. It didn’t take long and soon I was flicking through dresses. I tried on several and feeling as if I was on ‘Say Yes To The Dress’, I enjoyed modelling for Andy and Krista, whose critical eye and honest opinion, in particular, were completely invaluable!

Eventually, we settled on a fabulously classy fitted Herve Leger dress with black and white trimmed panels and from the shoe department, we chose a pair of black heels. A cute bolero top, some simple jewellery and I was good to go. For a while, I paraded up and down the lounge admiring my new femme self in the handily placed full-length mirrors. It seemed that the gorgeous woman looking back at me simply couldn’t stop smiling and for the first time in my life, I had stepped literally into Vickie’s shoes!

At some point, Andy had disappeared into the dressing room, where obviously some sort of magic must have had occurred because the most gorgeous radiant woman emerged!

“OMG – Sophie, You look amazing”, I exclaimed.

“You both look fabulous,” said Krista, “Your cab’s here, now get off the pair of you and have a lovely lovely evening!”.

And did we! I had no time at all to be nervous, and anyway, Sophie is so confident and experienced that I always felt in totally safe hands. She seems to know just about everyone in Brighton. The Restaurant, bars, clubs – we were greeted like old friends wherever we went and people were incredibly friendly, open, intelligent, liberal…. and always massively complimentary! It seems that Brighton’s huge LBGT family means that anyone loosely under the ‘T’ banner will always be completely welcomed.

After a wonderful evening full of fun and laughter we finally jumped in a cab back to Translife, and I retired to my lovely bedroom, still on a high and hardly able to sleep. Next morning I had a leisurely breakfast with Andy and Krista, made sure that every last bit of makeup had been removed and headed home to normality… or could this have been the new normal I wonder?

Translife certainly provides a fantastic one-stop shop for all requirements, at really competitive prices. Their friendliness, understanding and commitment to detail can’t be faulted and I’m already planning my next trip!

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