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Crossdressing Shops
Crossdressing shop Don’t you just love the internet? Type any phrase into “google” and you can find reams of information on it, some informative, some rather bizarre! On the subject of bizarre, we have to say, we did consider the title a little odd. After all, what do you mean by “Crossdressing Shops – Heres what you should look for in them” if we use the way Wikipedia describes crossdressing:

“Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accoutrements commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society”

It also states that:

“Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and self-discovery in modern times and throughout history”

We can basically establish what cross-dressing is but how exactly does that apply to a shop! Let alone on online business? It is a little bit of a stretch but the inference is that the company/organisation you are dealing with at least knows their products, has an interest in them and understands the subject matter. In a nutshell, they not there to take advantage of you and provide inferior products or service at inflated prices. If the entity does not have several key products within their range then you have to consider their value to you the purchaser for example:

Shapewear and Padding – Unless you are very lucky you are likely to require or consider a form of shapewear to provide a more feminine shape. After all, we are not born with super curvy hips and bottom (normally that is). This may be in the form of corsets, padded garments, silicone hip pads, waist clinchers or just firm shapewear. The point is there should be a wide and varied selection as no one garment/solution works for everyone. Is there a wide selection of colours and more importantly is it easy to select your size? Can I get information on size if I need to?

Breast Forms – This can be a minefield a quick search on Amazon or eBay will give you a heart attack which one should I select? Why the big price difference? Whats the best shape for me? And the questions go on and on….. In brief, along with your wig, this is potentially the biggest investment you will make. Be sure you have all the details to hand, is there a decent size chart available. Can I tell which is the best size or shape for me, if not is there someone to call? If I want to stick them on how can I do it, or what is the best options for my budget?

Heels for Men – Large size ladies shoes are a nightmare to find even on the internet. So you need to be confident the supplier knows there stuff. Are the shoes quoted in male sizes, what width are they. Again is there someone around who you can communicate with. The most important thing of all is, is there a returns policy just in case I get the size wrong.

Makeup – Sounds simple but cover girl does not cover boy. For example, do they supply a comprehensive range of full coverage foundation such as the famous Kryolan TV Paint Stick. How about those must have false eyelashes, do they have a makeup artist around who can respond to your email questions? Most importantly is the makeup genuine, not cheap copies from you know where!

jewellery – Basically will it fit! If they have rings do they expand. Are the chokers and necklaces long enough? All this information should be available.

Clothing – Is it wearable or just fantasy wear and more importantly does it go up to your size. Are there reviews by people that have purchased the garments?

Wigs – Without question this is an area where guidance is required. Quite often people will buy several wigs before they finally settle on one that suits their profile and the shade is correct. Wigs are like cars they all basically do the same thing but the price range is vast. Ask yourself if the information on the styles clear and meaningful, can you clearly see the shades and again what is the returns policy if any. One of the most important issues is to ensure that someone is around to ask those all important questions to. If you see styles that look great and appear too good to be true quite often they are! Look for established brands from your supplier such as Jon Renau, Henry Margu, Noriko, Amore to name but four.

Others area such as lingerie should be catered for as it is an important issue is it not.

Sophie SummersIf you can pick up the phone if you are not sure of the supplier and see what response you get, after all the cost of a phone call is nothing compared with the disappointment of receiving a poor quality product or something that looks nothing like you expected.

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