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Debbies crossdressing journeyDebbies crossdressing journey – Yes, that was me! – So, I fully appreciate how you may be feeling at the prospect of booking a makeover!

The last thing any of us need is to walk into a difficult, unpleasant or hostile situation. I looked around for quite a while, I read reviews, I looked at the size of all the makeover company’s and what they all offered, but being me, I left it to my “gut-feel!”

I had emailed Andrew a couple of times before meeting him, he seemed a nice guy when communicating with him. He was warm friendly and non-judgmental, as well as being professional in his approach, when I was seeking advice on Boobs, Wigs, and Make-Up – (by the way Andrew can supply everything you need for the makeover or anything you may need to buy for yourself!) he was so helpful.

In the end, I chose Translife Ltd for my very first professional makeover, yes! It was a leap into the dark! However, this one had a soft, and friendly landing! – I needn’t have worried.

“D-Day” arrived (“D” for dressing day!!) – I was suffering all the emotions I mentioned at the beginning of my note.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Within 30 seconds of meeting Andrew and his lovely partner Krista I was relaxed, the kettle went on, the friendly chat was instant no long gaps of silence, we talked about life, mine and there’s, everyday type of things. It was all so easy.

When we did get around to my makeover it seemed to evolve from chatting to doing! – It was seamless.

Before long Andrew was asking me, what look I liked, he is very skilful with the make-up brush and explained everything.

Dressing service model DebbieHe did a great job on me, and the ultra-honest Krista was there to support and advise me (Krista being a real woman enhanced the experience and made it less threatening and more human).As much as I hate to admit it, her being honest is so important to the makeover.

Andrew was kind enough to take some lovely pictures (no charge like so many other makeover companies) he never pushed me into any situation that I was not comfortable with.

My next visit (There will be another visit!) Andrew said if I wanted I could venture out with him and Krista for a while, Andrew said he will dress to keep me company – “A real girl’s night out!!”

I can strongly recommend Andrew and Krista who are Translife. No large team, no conveyer-belt processes, just you and them in their own home.

Please have the nerve to knock on their door, they will move at your pace, and support you on your new exiting journey. – You won’t be sorry!

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