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Sophie Summers drag queens forever

Drag Queens Forever – It’s not just a statement it should be a way of life. Even from an early age, I was amazed and astounded by how stunning, talented and creative many of the Queens were/are. I would consider myself as a frustrated DIVA, whilst I have done my fair share of entertaining MC and door whoring I could never climb the dizzy heights to stardom that many a queen enjoys today.  So I spend my “retired” years in helping/working in our Dressing Service as the make-up artist and love every second of it. Living in Brighton we are surrounded by many of the established hard working Queens who relentlessly raise huge amounts of cash for local and national charities. This is a side few of the punters recognise or acknowledge and goes to show that it not always about lip sink and huge hair it’s often the huge hearts that win the day.

So what is this is section all about?  Quite simply this is a little part of our site / the “net” wherein some small way I/we would like to pay homage and respect to old, not so old and up and coming Queens for reasons best known to us. Hopefully, you may wish to comment or even support our views or not as the case may be. Some of the Queens featured are of course VERY well known, others may not be or are just personal favourites of mine. No matter what the reason I strongly believe that every Queen that adorns a frock should be loved and supported for their vision, courage and dam right sass, God love um ALL!

Dave Lynn - Brighton ENGLAND

Dave Lynn drag queens forever

Dave Lynn Brighton Drag Queen

drag queens foreverDave Lynn

Dave is one of the hardest working Queens in Brighton and has been around well let’s say a few years. I have had the pleasure of watching her perform on many an occasion in loads of venues in and around Brighton. Talented beyond question she sings and has the gift of timing when it comes to delivering the one-liners. Always has time for her audience and will stay and chat as if you were old friends. I first heard of Dave when she appeared on a television show called “Faking it” mind you looking back at the way the Guardian described the episode at the time neither Dave nor I would be happy about the way they described him as a “veteran Transvestite” but that was how things were back then! You will find loads of information on this truly wonderful individual on the internet, I have listed a couple of examples below:

Follow Dave on Twitter HERE
Follow Dave on facebook HERE

So much energy and as I said in the introduction one of the tireless contributors to local charity events. Never a dull moment when she is on stage!

Lola Lecroix

usa flag Lola Lecroix
Based in Pittsburgh This DIva is a sight for sore eyes as you can see the visual presentation is simply awesome. As with all talented Queens, there is more to her than meets the eye. Take a look at some of the videos/clips on her Facebook page and you will see what we mean. We are sure that you will be hearing a lot more about Lola over the forthcoming years. Sign up to her facebook or Instagram account to find out where she is currently performing. Lola is also a promoter of VAIN events in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Visit Lola’s FACEBOOK Page
Follow Lola on INSTAGRAM

Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio What can you say about Bianca that has not be said or written before? Not a great deal really. As most people will know she is the winner of season six of Rue Pauls drag race. That in itself is testament to her talent. If you have not had an opportunity to see her in action then you should watch the re-runs of the series. Bianca has appeared here in Brighton on a couple of occasions and is always great value for money. Quick-witted and a very sharp tongue are just some of the attributes she possesses.
We have lots more pictures of this stunning and gifted lady on our Pinterest account, which you are of course are welcome to VISIT anytime.

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