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En Femme Style what is it and what defines it? Style and En Femme are terms I quite often hear from clients of our Dressing Service. It is a way of expressing a certain mode of dress or appearance that represents a classic ladies style or appearance or so I thought. After sitting and examing the very simple phrase “En Femme Style” I thought a good place to start would be a defined more accurately the meaning of the phrase. Thank goodness for Wikipedia whos definition for the phrase en femme is:

En Femme Style - Translife Dressing Service Model StellaThe term en femme [ɑ̃ fam] is a lexical borrowing of a French phrase. It is used in the transgender and crossdressing community to describe the act of wearing feminine clothing or expressing a stereotypically feminine personality. The term is borrowed from the modern French phrase en femme[citation needed] meaning “as a woman.” Most crossdressers also use a female name whilst en femme; that is their “femme name”. In the cross-dressing community, the persona a man adopts when he dresses as a woman is known as his “femme self”.

Ok, the above is reasonably straight forward but then how do we define “style”? This is so subjective as to be frustrating. The styles we recommend to our Dressing Service clients is dependant on several factors:


1. Occasion – For example clothing suitable for a night club visit would be potentially not suitable for a visit to the supermarket.
2. Age – Whilst we may want to dress younger than we really are there are limits. Short skirts are great but not so if your sixty?
3. Environment – Try to blend in by wearing something that suits the environment both temperature and occasion wise.

You wish to be remembered for all the right reasons I hope? Therefore give some consideration to your personal style. For example become known for a signature item such as:

Signature items – possibilities

a. Perfume – We all like to smell lush and inviting.
b. Handbag – I know several people who have great handbags and everyone knows them for just that.
c. Certain Hairstyle – Wigs are great but a visit to your stylist and suddenly you have a unique style.
d. Shoes – Could be a brand, shape or colour (pleaser have some funky styles)

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