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How to select Silicone Breast forms

UPDATE – We have released a NEW Video of selecting your silicone breast forms and it can be viewed HERE

How to select silicone breast forms, now there’s an interesting question! There are some obvious things to take into consideration the main one if we are truly honest is “how much are they!”. If we put aside the commercial aspects at this stage and consider the relevant pros and cons first then we believe the financial aspects have a habit of looking after themselves. The key aspects we would recommend considering are:

  1. What size would I like to be i.e cup size?
  2. What shape is best for my frame/appearance?
  3. What gives me the best value for money?

How to select silicone breast forms – WHAT SIZE WOULD I LIKE TO BE?
How to select silicone breast formsWhilst we may dream of being very buxom and curvacious there are implications, notably, dresses are generally designed/styled with a maximum C cup in mind. Therefore if you wish to have a larger than ‘C” cup you are likely to have to go up an entire dress size just to fit your newly acquired bustline. However, this is not such an issue if you wear separates i.e blouse and skirt/trousers but still worth considering. When it comes to selecting the size of forms the majority of manufacturers provide a “size chart”. The critical dimension is your own “flat” chest size. You can obtain this measurement by placing a soft tape measure around your normal male flat chest across the nipples and noting the measurement. Once you have the chest measurement you can look up where your chest measurement intersects the desired cup size. Where the two intersect you will find the correct breast form size. Using the chart to the left you can see that for a 40″ chest and “C” cup you would require size 7 breast forms. Whilst the majority of silicone breast form manufacturers provide a size chart the actual sizes may vary with the style of the form so be sure to check that the size chart you use is relevant to the forms you wish to purchase.

How to select silicone breast forms – What Shape is best for my Frame/Appearance?

This is often the most tricky aspect as there are numerous shapes and style available for you to select from and each manufacturer has there various merits. To make this slightly simpler we will concentrate on the basic shapes primarily and expand on the various benefits as they apply:

Oval Silicone Breast Forms – Sometimes referred to as teardrop

How to select silicone breast forms

Oval Breast Forms

These are generally a universal breast form and can be worn literally as you please either vertically or horizontally. Whilst we recommend wearing them in a pocket Bra (mastectomy bra) it is not a requirement to do so, it just ensures they stay in place better. As stated they can be worn horizontally with the “tail” under the armpit area. Wareing them this way produces the more natural blended look especially when viewed side on. This is one of the most popular shapes as it does provide a realistic appearance even under a tight-fitting top. Prices can vary due to several factors:

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  • The quality and viscosity of the silicone gel used in production.
  • The size of the form – larger they are the more expensive they become.
  • The quality/material used for the outer membrane i.e a shiny or matt finish.
  • The detail and quality of the nipple

Note: These forms can be worn braless/attached. The adhesion system used would generally be double-sided tape for the smaller sizes and a form of medical adhesive for sizes 5 and above.

Triangular Silicone Breast Forms

TF97 Premier triangle breast forms with removable adhesive pads.

Triangle breast forms.

The second “standard” shape of Breast Forms are the Triangular shape. In general, these have quite a concave back and sit better over any actual chest/pectoral development you may have. Often referred to as the “supermodel” style as they have quite a bit of forward projection and are quite full on the frame. These are often more appropriate for someone with a fuller frame or protruding waistline as they help to balance the profile out better. Several manufacturers produce a self-adhesive version of this design. The adhesion system can be either a wipe clean and renew compound or removable and replacement sticky pads. If you are looking for a well-defined bustline then this style is worth considering. One modal, in particular, is worth pointing out as it is fundamentally different than all the other in this category and that is the Aphrodite Range. The method of production for the Aphrodite is completely different it is a more mailable matt finished form and is self-adhesive these are the Rolls Royce of silicone breast forms and once worn you will find it difficult to return to the other models.

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Aysemtrial Silicon Breast Forms – Sometimes referred to as Classics

How to select silicone breast forms

Asymmetrical Breast Forms

Both the oval and triangular forms have their unique benefits so it would make complete sense to produce a shape that combines the two forms into one. Hence the Asymmetrical form was born. These are the only breast form that is left and right-handed. The theory being that the tail end of the forms fits under the armpit (like the oval). This style has the volume of the triangular form and the blending capability of the oval forms. This combined feature makes the asymmetrical breast forms one of the most popular options. As with the triangular version of forms, there is a self-adhesive version of this form available.

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Semi-round Silicon Breast Forms

How to select silicone breast forms

semi-round breast forms

This is rather a unique shape/approach. This shape is in reality exactly the shape you would expect if you were to undergo a breast plant operation. Therefore you could argue that this is the most realistic shape. They are full and even in appearance and do the job very well.

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Sophie summers translife limited Not surprisingly I get asked about how to select silicone breast forms quite regularly and I always offer the same guidance or pieces of advice which can be summed up as:

Look and Feel – is it the look that is important sounds odd but you can achieve a good and convincing look by using foam inserts or foam breast forms and they are much cheaper. If it is the feel and by that I mean weight and bounce then you should consider a silicone breast form. If you would like to really feel at one with your new best friends then consider a self-adhesive pair. On the subject of self-adhesive if you are considering using a medical adhesive spray or glue I would recommend purchasing the economy range of breast forms as the glue over a period of time will build up on the back of the forms. This is my experience, to be honest, I always use the Aphrodite forms as they are my favourites I never have to worry about them moving and they look and feel great.

Keep your budget in mind – Breast forms are an investment so take your time over selecting the right pair for you. I have heard many a horror story of clients purchasing cheaper forms online only to find out the just don’t look or feel anything like they should do. My general recommendation is to go for the economy oval forms as your first pair. If you take care of your forms they will last for several years. If you require any further information or assistance please feel free to email me on sophie@translife.co.uk

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