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Kryolan Eyeshadow
Sophie Summers I do have to say that I have a slight passion for Kroylan eyeshadow and cosmetics, in general, they always seem to hit the spot for me. In saying that I hope you will find this an honest and useful review. I have tried to be as informative and objective as possible, so without further ado, lets get the show on the road as they say.
Packaging – What! I know in general its the stuff that ends up in the bin, however, I think it is worth pointing out a couple of things so please bear with me….. The palette comes in the classic blue Kryolan sleeve/cover which is standard and does a good job of protecting it in transit. The palette is a sleek, silver one that shuts tightly and fits easily on your desk/table or in my case the make-up cupboard and I almost forgot its handbag size also. It has a large full-sized mirror and a synthetic applicator brush, not a bad size brush I add. So that’s the boring bit out the way lets break into this beauty and see what she has to offer!

The palette has eighteen shades evenly spaced out they can be loosely categorised as twelve matte and six shimmery eyeshadows. The pigments are super-fine and have a creamy smoothness about them. There is no chalkiness even in the shimmery shades which are always a sign of a quality product, cheap eyeshadows just fall apart. In addition, they have a creamy-powder kind of feel. When applied they are not dry and chalky/cakey on the eyes. When you select a colour with your brush, you may see a little kick up, but that is not unusual or unexpected. The colours are quite intense and appear on your eyes very much as you see them in the pan. The pigmentation is intense and I just love that. They blend effortlessly with a few strokes without losing the colour intensity. The shadows blend into each other seamlessly without looking muddy and do not leave harsh lines which is a blessing for those of us with ageing skin. The product is definitely user-friendly and great for beginners or those like me whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be. However, it must be said that the lighter shades do appear a little sheer at times, this can be remedied by applying a second layer. The shimmery shades are super pigmented too and they are also blended easily which helps to do the eye makeup neatly.

Looking at the individual shades the shimmery shades are perfect to add some glam and interest to your everyday neutral look. There is a variety of brown, pink, cream and nudes that work well on a wide range of skin tones. I can’t fault the combination of available shades. The various shades are best described in order of their rows as:

kryolan eyeshadow
Top Row:
1. A pale milky white shade that you can use to highlight the brow bone.
2. Pale golden shimmer.
3. Deeper golden shimmer.
4. A very pale pinkish champagne colour.
5. A pale rosy-gold colour.
6. A deeper pink with a hint of gold.

Middle Row:
1. Pale milky pink colour.
2. Little deeper neutral pink.
3. The muted coral shade can be used on the crease.
4. Muted reddish brown.
5. A pale yellowish brown.
6. Neutral deep brown.

Bottom Row:
1. Purplish pink shade.
2. Reddish purple.
3. Deeper purple (Shade 1,2,3 can be used to create a muted purplish eye look).
4. Dusty violet.
5. Greyish black.
6. Deep black.

To summarise I think the range, quality and depth of colours plus the staying power of the Kryolan eyeshadow make these shades a good investment especially if you think that you are getting a good quality eyeshadow for a little over £3 a shade. One of the main reasons for using this particular pallet is that I love the dark intense eye you can create using the purple/violet combinations. For more information on all five of the pallets available in this range follow THIS LINK

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