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large size ladies shoesLarge Size Ladies Shoes

They say if you truly want to know a person then “walk a mile in their shoes” sound advice unless you have an ill-fitting, incorrectly sized pair of shoes that is.

All is well if you have size nine (UK size that is) feet or less. After all, you can pop along to your high street and have a huge selection at your disposal, so no problem. However, what happens if your feet are larger than a UK nine or wider than an “average” width? Let’s face it if you’re looking for large size ladies shoes your options suddenly become increasingly restricted. In the past, you may have had to do with a pair of incorrectly fitting shoes that were literally hell to walk in, or even had to pay a small fortune to get a decent shoe that actually fitted and looked half decent.

We are very familiar with these challenges and many more at Translife as we supply lots of high heels for men, drag queens and none binary folk. A lot of our clients seek advice on what are the correct sizes to purchase and of course how comfortable and easy are they to walk in.
We have experienced a significant increase in enquiries from women who simply can not find large size ladies shoes that are fashionable and not ridiculously expensive. Many women call us asking if we supply shoes to “women” and the answer is ALWAYS Hell yes! We are here to help Everyone. In fact, all the footwear in our store are sized men/women natural so if you are a size UK 10 either lady or gentleman it is a size 10 you require it is a simple as that with us.

One of the interesting concepts is “High Heels” – Whilst our brains may think a six-inch stiletto heel looks super sexy and they do, by the way, walking in them can be, well tricky. That is why we have a comprehensive range of styles based on heel height and heel design. From virtually flat to styles with seven-inch heels and beyond for the more adventurous. Listed below are some of the popular styles that are available up to a UK12 (USA 15) as standard:

The above are just a small (and we mean small) sample of the shoes we have on offer. We believe everyone should have access to shoes and boots that not only look fabulous but also fit. If you would like to experience our full range of footwear then follow one of the links below:

Flat Heel Shoes 2″-3″ Heel Shoes3″-5″ Heels  5″-6″ Heels Above 6″ Heels

Sophie summers translife limitedWe are always delighted to hear from you so please if you have any questions relating to information contained in this article or anything else on our website please feel free to email me at sophie@translife.co.uk

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