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Curvy Pads 360

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These silicone wonders combine hips, thigh and bottom all in one to provide a great female enhancing shape. Designed so they can be warn under short skirts and go undetected.
shades for silicone hips

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Product Description

Curvy pads 360

Curvy pads 360

Curvy Pads 360 – Due to the increasing success of our individual pads, we have now created CurvyPads for the bum and hip area combined for a full female shape. Each pad is approximately 40 x 20 cm and the pair will add around 4 inches to the measurement of this area. These pads are manufactured in the UK with a shorter tail which works fantastic with really short mini skirts. Unlike our standard CurvyPads, the 360 effects all views including the side for a real balanced look / figure. These are so popular as they provide the correct shape for your frame and allow you to fill out a skirt or dress correctly, ensuring a more feminine overall shape providing you with additional confidence.
Manufactured from high quality silicone these pads have an semi-adhesive reverse to assist in the positioning. As with all adhesive surfaces it does lose its adhesion after continued use. You can revitalise the adhesion by wiping with Skin Tac Wipes across the surface to re-activate the glue. These quality pads are also available in three colour tones light, mid tone or dark.

Curvy Pads 360 – Highlights

price is INCLUSIVE of UK delivery.
Available in three tones – Light, mid tone or dark.
Manufactured in the UK.
Increases your female shape by up to 4 inches.

Q: Could you advise what size fit these are? Would they fit all size of waist and hip, or would they be odd and out of place for someone with a 40 inch waist? Many thanks. lucy
— Asked by Lucy on February 26, 2018
A: I believe it is all to do with the fact that the hip pads add shape irrespective of your waist size. The focus is around the hip bone area. The effect will depend on your current waist "shape" if you are an even waist distribution or more of a frontal waist.

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1 review for Curvy Pads 360

  1. Amandah Gray (verified owner)

    These pads certainly looked like they would “do what it says on the box” . They feel wonderful too. Can’t wait till I wear them again, they tick all the boxes. xxx

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