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Kryolan TV Paint Stick

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The TV Paint stick foundation provides wonderful coverage for a flawless look.

Top Tip Use this product in conjunction with the Kryolan Make-up Blend to achieve a smooth lighter finish, either pre-apply the makeup blend to your area or apply to your foundation brush and work it in. A handy guide for selecting which shade range is best for your skin tone:

“W” Range – Reddish toned skins
“FS” Range – Asian Skin Tones
“NB” Range Olive Skin Tones.

To view and purchase the shade you require select the icon below:

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Product Description

Kryolan TV Paint Stick. This foundation is a cream stick make-up made from a composition of oils, and natural waxes containing FDA approved colour pigments – plus the added benefit of vitamin E. As it is actually theatrical makeup, the paint stick is designed to withstand the heat of theatre or studio lights without degrading. The durable quality of this foundation can be invaluable when wearing a wig, tights and a corset (as well as having the possible symptom of nerves) as all these things can make you hot and sweaty – with the TV Paint Stick foundation, you will not lose coverage in the moustache area, where men traditionally perspire. All these properties help retain your foundation even in difficult conditions – This is why it is so popular with the T-girls as their preferred foundation makeup. This is one of the leading foundations as it not only blends well, it has exceptional coverage even in the beard area to remove the five o’clock shadow. We would recommend Kroylan Pro Shield is used before applying the foundation as this helps to protect the skin and gives a better, more even finish.

It comes in a mess-free and handbag friendly 25ml twist-up container that enables easy, trouble-free application. Once applied, you then blend evenly with a cosmetic latex sponge or your fingers. To set or seal the foundation, use a close matched kryolan Translucent Powder, and to remove, use Kryolan Hydro Makeup Remover Oil or good cleansing cream. For the best finish use the Kryolan Professional Translucent Powder to set the foundation and ensure a long-lasting perfect look. Apply the translucent powder evenly and brush off the excess. For Paint, Sticks shades 4W to 6W, we recommend Translucent shade TL3.

To remove the Paint stick foundation we recomend the Hydro make-up remover this is a light and gental remover especially designed for this line of foundation.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick – Feature’s

Great coverage for all shades / tones of skin.
Easy to apply.
Extensive range of shades for all tones of skin.

7 reviews for Kryolan TV Paint Stick

  1. andy (verified owner)

    Bit of work to blend but dont seem to need much and good coverage. Use the powder as well.

  2. Sharon Williams (verified owner)

    Quite different to work with than more run of the mill foundations, but with some blending using a sponge, we achieved good coverage

  3. Sophia Khan (verified owner)

    Great coverage as expected, blended well with sponge, hve used b4 abroad this is exactly the same.

  4. Gigi

    Great for covering up what you don’t want others to see, works great with the translucent powder Gigi

  5. Angela (verified owner)

    Good coverage Whitch. I was looking for

  6. Alison (verified owner)

    Fantastic products and great service

  7. Caitlin

    Was impressed with these when having a makeup lesson so had to have them – great product, and very fast delivery

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What is the best shade for me?
This will depend on your natural skin tone / colour. We have found that for the majority of the clients at our Dressing Service 4W to a 6W is a good general guide. The 6W is for those who have a slight to moderate suntan whilst the 4W is for those who have little to no sun tan or brown complexion.

Are there any other considerations?
It is worth taking into consideration the colour / shade of your hair / wig. For auburn hair we tend to lean more towards a 6W base foundation where as for a blonde hair shade the 4W is better suited. For a day time look working between the 3W and 6W range is fine. However, for a more striking foundation at night time you can consider the darker shades.

When you view your face it is not one dimensional or one colour so you should consider the idea of using TWO foundation colours:

1. The lighter for an all over base foundation
2. The darker for contouring along the cheeks, jaw-line, forehead and inside on the nose.

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