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Pure Orange PigmentsPure pigments for stunning eyes, quite a claim but is it really true? I favour a bold and expressive eye look with large false eyelashes, over the years this has become part of my signature look. In order to carry off this prefered look, I have to concentrate on bold and intense shades to add depth to the eye. I have used MAC pigmented eyeshadows as my prefered option to this point, however, I have found from time to time the fall out can be a little annoying and detrimental to my, foundation. I’m always interested in finding easier solutions or learning new tips and tricks.

The lovely Sarah from Kryolan Cosmetics recently sent me a sample of the Pure Orange shade from the “Pure Pigments Range” along with a sample of the Kryolan Cake Eyeliner sealer to see how they compare with my usual/old favourites, I was very keen to road test them! Listed below are my honest comments and thoughts, which I hope help anyone considering trying out the range:

Commercial overview (sounds so posh) MAC Pigment against Kryolan Metallic PigmentsStarting with sheer volume/content – Packaging always needed of course but we will discard it as we don’t wear it!Weight / contents and Price – Kryolan 3g [£17.50] – MAC (mini-MAC Pigments 2.5g) [£10] MAC Standard Size 4.5g [£16.50]. On face value, MAC is cheaper however, as we all know cheaper does not necessarily win the day.

Technical Overview (What does it look like etc!)Without question, the Kryolan product appears to be refined to a high standard resulting in a lighter textured product (important if you have to layer!). In real terms, this meant to me anyway that the application straight from the brush was very easy to apply compared to the MAC product. Mixing the “Pure Orage” with the Kryolan Cake Eyeliner Sealer I managed to achieve a foil-like finish on my eyelids very easily and quickly. Mixing it with the sealant meant I did not have to apply a primer to the eyelid also as it adhered effortlessly. Not only did the finish look ultra reflective when applied the sealer ensured it was very long lasting and looked as good at the end of the evening as it did when freshly applied.

Sophie SummersI have always favoured MAC Pigments over the competition as the range of shades is extensive and the price is competitive – However, in saying that I’m VERY impressed with the Kryolan Pigments range from a technical or application viewpoint. In particular, the metallic shades are my new favourites. I will be including them in my prefered products from now on as the results were/are very satisfying. I have since used them on my lips and even on my cheeks, this is a huge plus as they are very versatile, you are in fact only limited by your imagination as to where to apply them. As a footnote, I managed to remove the eyeshadow easily so no problems there. I would be interested in receiving any comments from people that have used this range.

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