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Sophie SummersWhere can I find wide fitting false nails – Cant find wide enough nails! These are statements we hear quite often from clients who visit our Dressing Service. After all a mans hand and hence their fingers are generally larger, sometimes considerably larger than that of a woman’s. After a little bit of research (love the internet) we stumbled on a possible solution where “standard false nails” would simply not do.  The end result after many months of trials and tribulations is that we now have an extensive range of pre-polished wide fitting nails available to both our Dressing Service clients and through our web store. It is funny because we never appreciated the array of thicknesses of acrylic nails there are on the market prior to undertaking this task. Some were so thin that they bent and were not well “manly enough” for the challenge. In addition, it did not matter how many coats of nail polish you applied they still looked naff! (slang for absolute rubbish!). After quite a few extensive field trials we settled on one brand and found that with two coats of nail varnish and a clear top coat applied they looked sooooo good rather DIvaish if I’m honest, plus every set has a little bit of love from Krista built into them. The widest nail in the set is 18mm which we have found covers almost everyone and you get 18 nails in each set so plenty of choice.

We have road tested them with some of our clients and it turns out that there is a fairly even split between those that prefer using glue to hold them in place to those that liked to use adhesive tabs. I must admit I prefer the glue option just because I like to know they will stay no matter what! So the search for wide fitting false nails is truly over. We are now on the lookout for different styles to increase the range. Currently, these are my favourite shades:

Metallic Violet Wide false Nails

Colour: Metallic Violet

Metallic red false nails

Colour: Metallic Red

If you would like to view all the available shades for these nails simply follow THIS LINK

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