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The world of crossdressing has changed considerably over the years, with far more crossdressing wigs, clothes and other accessories now readily available.

But one graduate student appears to have taken it to the next level by designing a colour-changing wig and smart LED nails that can be used to control stage lighting.

Jordan Frand, who’s a master’s student at NYU, told the Daily Mail that he got the idea to develop the wearable tech because him and a group of friends throw a drag party every year and while none of them are professionals, they have fun dressing up and trying to outdo each other.

He explained that he asked a group of his friends what strong females they looked up to growing up, and received answers like Xena Warrior Princess, Storm (from X-Men) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“So I though – what kind of super power would help a drag queen really slay it on stage,” he stated.

He’s designed a wig that changes colour from hot pink to pastel pink when heat is applied to it, as well as a set of false nails that enable the wearer to control stage lighting. Each finger nail acts as a trigger when touched to the thumb, with the bluetooth controller hidden inside a bracelet.

While this is far from something that’s available to everyone, it’s an awesome concept that certainly adds another dimension to any ensemble.

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