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Sophie Your Guide To Brighton

Crossdressing Ladies Day Out – We often receive enquires from potential clients at our Dressing Service asking us about a full days experience and what it would involve or cover. In an attempt to answer that question listed below are some of the venues and ideas we hope may inspire you to possible pay us a visit in the near future.

At this stage we believe it is important to outline why we believe Brighton to be one of the best places in the UK to venture out in. Many factors go into Brighton’s rather unique approach to life, some say it is the liberal views held by the residents. Others believe it is the youth culture combined with the high gay population. We prefer to believe it is all these things, plus the fact that we are right by the sea, and it brings the inner child out in us all. Unlike places such as London and Manchester there is not really one area where the transgender community congregate to feel safe in fact all of Brighton has a safe atmosphere and not just Kemptown. As long as you respect people and dress accordingly for day or evening you will be treated with respect here. For some people the first steps out in public dressed can be a big challenge and lets face it where can you go where you will feel comfortable. In some respect this is where we come in. For my sins I have been to most of the venues / places in Brighton as Sophie over the years and had some fantastic and memorable times. I have built up a good mental database of places to go and dare I say it places to avoid also. So if you’re still with me lets move onto what a typical day experience would be like at Translife Dressing Service:

Krista whose always on hand for advise and support

Krista whose always on hand for advise and support

If you are staying over in our Bed and Breakfast facility then the start time is up to you. To get the most out of the day we recommend a rather light (continental) breakfast and be shaven and ready for your makeover by 9am. Some clients have all their own clothing and wigs, don’t worry if you have nothing as we can / do provide everything. Now 9am may appear a little early for some but please have a little heart as I would have been up since around 6am getting myself ready. I will be accompanying you or it could be the Wonderful Krista depending on which you prefer.

We will do a day look make-over. This sounds obvious as it will be day time but this is a fresh everyday look not too dramatic but appropriate. The most important issue at this stage is to ensure you have:

1. A comfortable pair of day / walking shoes on (hint – Low Heels)
2. We recommend a medium to short styled wig – Long hair can be a pain in high winds!

We look to set foot outside (yes outside) around 10-30/11am and depending on your preferences we will either take a stroll into town or take a taxi in. I prefer to walk as it gives us the opportunity to see some of the shops before you get to the main shopping centre (Churchill Square). This is like the majority of shopping centres these days and has the usual suspects. You can try on any items you wish in these shops they all have individual changing areas.

Sophie at Browns in Lanes Brighton

Sophie at Browns in the Lanes Brighton

The lanes in Brighton draws a lot of tourists. The shops are much more individual and there are some fantastic dress stores / boutiques especially if you like swing dresses and the like. If your feeling a little peckish or you would like a well earned drink you can combine these issues by either taking an afternoon tea at Browns (great value for money) which is quite plush and the staff are truly fantastic. Other alternatives are basically ANY of the small cafes in the lanes. If you require afternoon tea at the Grand it would be advisable to book in advance just to avoid disappointment. As we all know there is always way to many shops and no where near enough time to visit them all.

We try to head home for around 4:30/5pm as being on heels for a while can tire you little legs out. Without rushing it always nice to have a shower and remove the day make-up so we can reapply for the more stylish evening look. Depending on clients preferences we normally suggest:

1. An evening meal at a local Italian Restaurant in Saint James Street (We love this place)
2. A visit to Brighton’s bars for a possible Drag show or even a theatre engagement.

There is always something happening in Brighton so the evening can be as short or as long as you wish.

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