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Silicone Breastplate


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A full silicone breastplate for a perfectly formed cleavage. Available in a B to a G cup so there are no excuses. We have the two styles one with Cotton Filled Breast and our Delux version that are Silicone filled cups

Shade two (2) is currently the most popular shade and is getting good reviews.

Product Description

Silicone breastplate. This is what everyone has been waiting for! A complete breastplate to give you that complete look. Manufactured from a high-grade silicone that moulds to your body perfectly. A high neckline cut to shoulder length for ease of application. This style is available in a B cup up to a G cup so we have all your desires literally covered. All you require is an eye-catching choker to hide the neckline perfectly. If you have a hairy chest then this is a great option for a more feminine appearance. The breasplates are available in cotton filled or Silicone-filled.
Cup size / Dimensions

Breast Plate cup sizes

Silicone Breastplate – Highlights

Available in B-G Cups.
High neck design.
Lightweight cotton filled breast cups

Q: Would it be possible to have a short youtube vid of someone wearing one of these...I'm happy to fork out for one...but would like to see what they look like.
— Asked by Ruth Williams` on December 17, 2019
A: Hi Ruth, there is a video of sorts on our Youtube channel the direct url is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A74vAKPmRr8&t=467s We are in the process of putting together an update as we have received the latest samples from the manufacturer in a B,C and D cup in shade two (2) which is a much better lifelike shade for European skin.
Q: What size chest will the breast plate fit, I am a 38inch chest
— Asked by DEREK on October 11, 2021

This question has not been responded to yet.

Q: I am looking to purchase a breastplate c cup shade 2.what is the delivery on this
— Asked by Leslie on October 12, 2022
A: The current delivery period is 2-3 weeks as we are out of stock, normally we carry the "C" cup silicone filled version in a shade 2.
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Q: I am quite broad shouldered. My chest measurement is 46" Could you recommend a suitable breast plate for my size
— Asked by Brendan on September 6, 2019
A: Interesting question as there is no indication from the manufacturers currently as to the maximum size the chest plate will cater for. I believe it will be good up to around a 50-inch chest. After that, the distance between the breast could get distorted and may look incorrect. With respect to the cup size, I would suggest a minimum "C" cup to balance the shape.
Q: Will you be stocking full female suits. Just like the breast plates. No mask.
— Asked by James on February 3, 2020
A: Hi James, thank you for your post. It is something we are looking into. In fact, we have been contacted by a manufacturer about the full-body suits and are hoping to progress the issue over the next couple of months. They have suggested sending a sample over for us to review but at the time of this reply we are yet to receive it.
Q: Is it possible to see a comparison between the different cupsizes
— Asked by Beb on September 4, 2019
A: Thank you for the question. We will have a word with our manufacturers to see what can be done to clarify the cup sizes a little better.
A: We have obtained the information on the cup sizes and will be adding it to the general description very soon.
Q: Hi Team. Do you have any colour samples you can send out that give an approximate idea of colour and shade. I am keen to order this product but want to make sure I get the best/closest colour match. Thanks
— Asked by Magda on December 9, 2019
A: Sadly we do not have any samples of the colours we can supply. We have some of them in stock if that helps? The most popular colour to date is shade 2.
Q: What's the delivery time scale and who do you use as a carrier Regards Alison
— Asked by Alison on August 31, 2022
A: Hi, The delivery time depends on the stop position. However, back-orders take around 7-10 working days as they come from China. Our standard Courier is DHL we can if requested use UPS. Overseas orders may be direct or drop shipped depending on location.
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