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My Translife Dressing Service experience by Viktoria Paige

On my arrival, I was offered a drink which I accepted and we sat down and had a chat about what I hoped to gain from the experience. I was extremely happy to leave the whole thing to Sophie. We decided that as I was staying overnight (really well worth doing) she would do my make up first and organise my outfit for our trip out in the evening and then do her own transformation. As I had already ordered a new blonde wig from Translife together with a 5 inch heeled pair of strappy sandals we jointly decided that the makeup would be for a blonde and not my usual auburn.
Sophie Summers
So with my boy shirt removed, the transformation to Viktoria started. First, the face was sealed with barrier foam (a primer) and then the fun started. The foundation and basic contouring were done and sealed with fixing powder. The eyes were made up the eyebrows redrawn, the contouring completed and the face highlighted to reflect the light the lips were shaped and coloured and finally, the wig fitted. When I saw the outcome of all the hard work that Sophie had put in to create a new look for Viktoria, I could hardly believe it was me that I saw in the mirror. (For a complete view of what was done to produce the look, go to Translife’s website and watch the transformation of Andrew to Sophie) Every bit of care that is taken to make Sophie was taken in the making of Viktoria and some more besides.
Having completed the makeup, an outfit was selected, breast forms inserted into a bra and I went upstairs to change. I had already bought with me my own underwear, stockings and suspenders so I did not have to borrow these items, but if I had needed them they would have been readily provided.

As I have already said earlier I had purchased a pair of 5-inch strappy sandals from Translife and was hoping to wear them on our girly night out, but discretion took hold, and a pair of 2.5 inch heeled court shoes were provided instead and weren’t my feet pleased

Sophie then went and got ready and along with Krista we went out for dinner and then to Legends for the evening.

As I was staying overnight, we all breakfasted early, before I had my make up completely done again. I enjoyed the experience just as much the second time.
As all good things must come to an end, I took my leave of an extremely lovely couple, and drove home “en femme”.

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