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Why Crossdressing – or why do you crossdress? Either way, it is a simple question or is it? Well the answer for me is somewhat dependant on when in my life that particular question was asked. In my more formative years which for clarity was probably in my twenties, I had a long list of reasons, most of them sounded quite plausible well to me that was. I would quite proudly list out glib statements like a frightened boy whistling in the dark, hoping for a nod of approval. In truth and with hindsight I was probably seeking acceptance from others when in fact I was neither knowledgeable or mature emotionally enough to grasp the reasons or magnitude of such a simple question. Today (circa 2018) when approached by an enquiring mind I have but one rather simple yet annoying reply to the magic question……. “It’s because I can”.

Why Crossdressing

So Why Crossdressing? Why the hell not!

OK, it’s a little glib, but it is true, even with a high degree of soul searching, research and pure honesty I can not say what drives or compels me to “dress”. I do accept it is a part of my character that allows me to express myself in a different way. As a Fella, I’m 5’ 6” tall nothing special to look at and when I enter a room I don’t exactly make heads turn. However, as Sophie, I’m far more confident, relaxed and outward and heads do have a tendency to turn, hopefully for the right reasons. If you examine that simple statement one might be lead to believe I’m a self-centered, vain individual (probably) and or suffer from a lack self-esteem (don’t we all). Some of those statements might be true, however, the point is that “Sophie” or my alter ego through the mask she provides does allow me to express myself with a lesser risk of rejection. In addition and I’m sure this point strikes a chord with many a fellow dresser Sophie is a great de-stress option. I can forgo the daily pressure of being an Alpha male once I put on my face and slip into a dress. However, it still upsets me that in today’s so-called ever-evolving world that crossdressing or whatever label you wish to attach to it is still something of a taboo.

Why do I say its a taboo? There have been great strides in terms of being Transexual after all not a day goes by when there is not some reference in the Media or the TV to the subject. Believe me, I think its FANTASTIC! and long may it continue. On reflection (author notes that these are his views only) I believe that the “general public” are probably more comfortable with the subject as there are some forms of “scientific” reasoning involved after all if science says its OK who are we to question. Add the fact that there are some highly competent, informative and let’s face it all round lovely people championing the cause (or should that be flight or campaign), the fact remains we have rightly moved onto a more positive perspective. The topic is now mainstream and even covered by the legal system. Moving back to crossdressing….. Sadly there is less of an understanding and still a social stigma attached to it, even being referred to as odd or weird! Unfortunately, there appear to be less positive media examples to offer a balanced view on the subject either. How often have you watched a film or a documentary where the focus is either presented as a fetish, open to ridicule or a villain of the piece? OK, that may be a little harsh but I think you would agree there are very few cases where it is treated in an honest open way. My explanation for this is quite simple because people don’t wish to be presented with the truth as its boring after all who wants to know we are in fact very normal human beings who do what we do because we can! That’s my simple answer to Why Crossdresing in a nutshell.

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