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Wig Styles shades and all the things in between can be a nightmare believe me. I believe on average it takes around four to five purchases before you settle on a style and shade your truly happy with. There are so many parameters to consider that’s why I believe it is advantageous to either pop along to a wig retailer if you can to try before you buy if possible. Failing that we always encourage our Dressing Service clients to go through as many of our styles as possible just to see which one they feel and look comfortable in. Over the years I have worn literally 100’s of wigs from very cheap to rather expensive (its a relative term). My thought process is quite simple:
1. Is it age appropriate?
2. Is it occasion appropriate?

Reese Noriko wig styles shades

Reese shown in shade Creamy Blonde. Short style with high crown lift.

May Noriko Wig

May shown in Chocolate Frost R (Rooted) the style is slightly longer than the Reese.

Dealing with the above two issues in order. The factor of age should be taken into consideration after all not that many ladies have long hairstyles once they reach the age of 45/50. You are at liberty to disagree should you wish. So for a day time look the wig styles shades I favour are short/ medium length high or low lighted blondes or Auburn shades. My two wig styles of choice would be a Reese or May both by Noriko . Both styles are short and easy to manage particularly in high winds! They are very flattering to the jawline softening my more masculine features. The wig I’m wearing in the feature picture for this article is the May. If I had to choose between the two styles I would favour the Reese in any of the Auburn shades and it suites my complexion really well especially during daylight hours.

Angelica Noriko long length wig

Angelica in shade Sugar Cane-Rooted

So far we have just considered day time or ease of wear. Thankfully we can be slightly more frivolous when venturing out after dusk. Let us face it we all love to look and feel that little bit younger and therefore I favour longer styles as they are “occasion appropriate” for a visit to the clubs and bars. A slight footnote the longer length styles can be a handicap if your thinking of eating a sit-down meal. It’s not a good look eating your hair believe me I’ve done it on countless occasions. My favourite long length knocks their socks off wig style is the Noriko Angelica in nutmeg-F. I love the way it folds around the profile and moves so well.

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