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The following are the views and thoughts of Katie translife dressing service model in her own unique and funny way, we hope you enjoy reading the article as much as we enjoy Katie’s visits.

Katie translife Dressing Service model

Katie – Her story to date. To view more photographs simply click on my picture.

About 15 months ago I made, what for me was a big decision to call Translife / Sophie to ask about their services and, if I felt comfortable during our conversation, book an initial appointment.

A “BIG” decision?   Sounds a bit dramatic does that but I’ll tell you why I felt that way!
The truth is I had been “inactive” for over 15 years.  No “en Femme” activities since 2001 but suddenly I really started to miss it.   But I felt old, fat, and pretty ugly and had no confidence whatsoever.   I had put on a little weight since 200I and this accompanied by the inevitable sagging skin, facial lines, expanding waist lines, varicose veins etc etc did not enhance my confidence.   But even so I had been regretting not being “true” to myself for such a long long time.   Wasted years!.  After all you only live once (unless you’re James Bond of course, then you live Twice but anyway I don’t think ‘007′ is into Cross Dressing).
After my chat with Sophie, very pleasant, calm and helpful I made an initial appointment for an afternoon later in the week.   I decided that at the very least I was going to try to stop denying myself of something that was an essential core part of me.   I had lost and wasted too many precious years.
Bit of background: here  I had restarted cross dressing at home (I live alone now) around 8 months before I made any contact with Sophie.  Two months before making contact, I’d actually booked to go on a TV weekend in Yorkshire.   I was frightened, yes, but also looking forward to the challenge and satisfaction of being “me”.    I’d bought some nice clothes and underwear/lingerie; some make up but, in truth I wasn’t happy with what stared out at me from my bathroom mirror.  I tried another mirror (in the lounge) and sadly there was no improvement.  I looked pretty lousy and unconvincing in both.   However I decided to book and pay for a TV Weekend in Yorkshire, as I thought that once I’d got some decent “hair” it would get better.   After all 15 or so years ago I looked pretty OK – my opinion only of course.   So I bought a couple of wigs via the internet and waited patiently for them to arrive and make me look “the part”!   Watch out Yorkshire!  The trannies are coming!    But sadly, if my cat had seen me when I fitted the first one on she would probably have screeched, left home and never come back.    I looked terrible – like Desperate Dan with a toupee!   I tried on the second wig, hoping (without much confidence) that I would look better in this one, and guess what!   I didn’t.    If anything, I looked worse.   Jeez I was brought down to earth with a bang!  No hope!
So I cancelled my TV Weekend in Yorkshire and lost all the money I’d paid for it – no refunds a such a late date.  I was pretty devastated.   All that expense buying clothing etc etc for a terrible result,   No way could I even pretend I could “pass” and that was quite impotent to me.  “Can’t make a silk purse out of pigs ear” (or something like that) came to mind!   Can’t make a nice female out of a hairy fat old Desperate Dan either.   Then I saw Translife’s Online site and liked what I saw.   Here it is, I thought as I prepared to phone them. “The last chance corral”.   So, trembling with shyness I called, spoke, and made an appointment.
I backed my car into the Trans Life outside wall when I arrived at their studio.   (Maybe this could work I suddenly thought – I’m  now driving as badly as my wife – so something female is happening).   I rang the bell, went in, met Krisa, shyly said “Hello” and was very surprised to be told to take off my shirt!!!   I thought “Bloody hell” this is going to be a quick make over!   Shirts off!  Be prepared!  Sophie then came down to meet me and saw me shirtless.   She raised her eyes, as did Krista, and then told me I hadn’t been asked to take off my shirt at all.  I was asked to take off my shoes!!!   Red face.  Bad ears.  Whatever!   Not a great start but happily they have great senses of humour.
Now to get made up by an expert.  “Welcome to the Big Time Kate” (my en femme persona) thought.   Took some time to make me up (Sophie is an artist at this) and I looked OK compared to when I tried on my own but I was still worried about the”hair”!!!   Fingers crossed, legs crossed, eyes crossed that I didn’t see that dog or Desperate Dan reappear in Sophie’s mirror.   We tried 3 wig styles and colours – not good!  Then Sophie carefully selected a style and colour I personally would never had chosen.   She put it on me.  I closed my eyes,  Then opened them and the effect was pretty stunning!   I no longer looked like a dog!   I was no longer Lassie or Rover!   Desperate Dan, eat your heart out.    I looked good!    Amazing.
I then “dressed up” (Sophie has a wide range of dresses & clothing of all types.  Also jewellery)) and we took some photo’s.  When I saw them I  was initially disappointed and thought in most I looked like a fat old cow.    But then I saw were 5 or 6 photo’s that I loved!  Couldn’t believe how good they made me look and feel.  I looked feminine, much younger, and for the first I felt at ease  en femme in someone else’s company.   After several appointments things got better and better.    The improvements in my style and confidence were very marked.   So I decided to go to the next TV Weekend in Yorkshire which was advertised for March 2017.  I booked.  I went.  I trembled at first but then got into the swing of things with over 70 other “trans” ladies.  I felt pretty darn good.  I didn’t “lower” any standards; in fact I wasn’t anywhere near the most unconvincing TV there.   I went out for walks and all was well.  If I was “read” no one bothered me, I felt no stress.   A wonderful weekend I never thought could have ever happened for me.
I’ve since been out for dinner with Sophie in Brighton and it was great.  Had several more appointments and experimental looks.   Had a stay over which was great.   Again, no big nerves.  No stress.  We chat away and have some great conversations.    Sophie and Krista have become my very good friends.  They are fun, genuine, very fair minded and expert at what they offer and do.   I owe them a big THANK YOU for restoring my faith in myself and helping me to become and celebrate who I really am.
Oh… and lastly, they have a beautiful home and a great studio facility for Translife experiences.
Love and a Hug,
Katie xx

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