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Silicone Hip Pads

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If you need to create the most natural and realistic curves then this is the ultimate product for you, they make all the difference not only in look but also feel. You will not regret investing in these figure enhancing silicone hip pads.
silicone hip pads

Product Description

Silicone hip pads. Now there is no excuse for not having that perfect hour glass figure. With a choice of three sizes you can be assured you will achieve the figure you deserve.

The Small silicone hips are approximately 20 x 20 cm and will add 1-2 inches to the hips. They simply fill the gap between the love handles giving a smooth and subtle shape to the body ideal for the small frame. We have customers who also use these for butt pads, just place them further back if that’s the area that needs enhancing. Our Small pads are light weight and cleverly designed to create a realistic curve instead. If you already have some hips they are great for an extra boost.

Our Medium Pads are approximately 25 x 28 cm and will add 2-3 inches to the hips. These babies will give a definite curve to any straight shape. They have a longer tail which allows them to blend beautifully with the thighs. Medium Sized Pads give an instant hourglass figure without drawing too much attention. If you want a curve that’s not too in your face then this is the size for you, they are fantastic for balancing a top heavy frame and those with a more athletic build, modest yet beautiful.

Our Large Pads are approximately 31 x 34 cm and will add 4-5 inches to the hips, these are the most popular size. Wear these for ultimate curves and maximum effect. They will give a beautiful rounded shape to the hips which makes the waist dip and appear smaller. As with all our Pads, they bend and crease with the body making them very comfortable and realistic great for balancing the should to hip ratio.

For a fully rounded figure you may wish to consider our Curvy Pads 360 hip, thigh and bottom arrangement. As the name suggests we have combined a short silicone hip with a rounded bottom pad. This combination is working out to be a real winner.

Silicone Hip Pads – Highlights

Achieve a stunning female figure.
Available in three sizes.
Available in three skin tones – Light, Mid Tone and Dark.

5 reviews for Silicone Hip Pads

  1. samantha (verified owner)

    Best money Ive ever spent. A must if you want that perfect shape.

  2. miss evie grace (verified owner)

    these are amazing, they give the perfect shape, hips look amazing in leggings, skirts and my dresses fit right now, worth every penny .

    • Sophie Summers (verified owner)

      Thank you for taking the time out to forward a review. If you have any photographs we would love to put them onto or website.

  3. Anthony lovegrove (verified owner)

    Great hips which add a pleasing curvature to the hips. Next time I shall go for a pair slightly larger, ideally with the added pad around the back of the hips. Nonetheless, I am delighted with them.

  4. Lewis (verified owner)

    Not worn yet but first impressions are amazing!! I am 5ft7 and weigh just over 9st and they add just enough hip to give me a more feminine figure without it being too much!! I can’t wait to feel comfortable in a tight fitted outfit!! Communication was phenomenal!! I called up several times with questions and requests and each time I received nothing but manners and kindness, thank you

  5. Jo (verified owner)

    I bought the large size which do work in changing my shape very visibly – a good confidence booster. Because they are quite heavy they don’t stick so well but with tights they feel safe. The delivery time from ordering took a couple of weeks. I would recommend.

    • sophie (verified owner)

      Thank you for the review. I have found that the large hips stay in place quite well when under tights, however for additional security I always wear a tight brief over the top with silicone pads in the rear pockets. This rounds off my total profile perfectly. We are also trying to improve the delivery period on them. Thanks for your valued comments.

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