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Achieving the female shape is not always as easy as it sounds after all we all have our opinions on what is the best shape/figure to aim for. Typically a male frame is referred to as an inverted triangle where the shoulder width is wider than the hips. The dress size, therefore, is dictated generally by the fact that the dress needs to fit the shoulder/chest area and ends up loose around the hip and bottom. So many people opt for a corset to bring their waist in with the view of achieving a more feminine shape. In reality, this makes you look like a “strangled Y shape” rather than a soft female curvy shape. In our view, it is much better to “add” to the hips to fill out the dress/figure to achieve a more convincing “real” shape. We have a couple of options, The first is to consider a pair of padded panties

padded panty

padded panty

This garment has two sets of foam inserts and is available in a range of sizes and garment colours. The combined hip and bottom pads add shape, the only consideration is that for the larger waist sizes we feel the length of the pads is not sufficient and when under reasonably tight clothing you can sometimes appear to have a bump rather than a nice soft blend in appearance. We would not recommend this product if you are considering wearing tight jeans or trousers. However, to aid a medium to loose dress or skirt this is a very economical option. You can remove the hip pads with ease when you need to wash the garment.

It comes as no surprise these days that there is an increasing number of silicone hip and or rear pads available on the market. The advantage of this approach is that they can be shaped and weighted to produce not only the profile but the feel. The silicone hips pads we currently offer at Translife fall into small, medium or large categories, in addition, there are a couple of options when it comes to the shade.

silicone hip pads

Silicone hip pads

These have an adhesive/tacky backing to them which helps to retain them in position. However, it is our experience that you will need some form of underwear to support them, especially the medium or large pads. Once position they DO provide the additional inches to your hips and blend in perfectly due to their thin tail structure. If you are over 5’6″ in height I would strongly recommend the large version anything less will not give the additional inches you may like/require. Should you wish you can purchase hip and bottom silicone combination (360 pads). Once position correctly they give additional curves in all the correct places. The material of construction is very durable so you can sit down in them without a problem. In summary whilst this may not be a cheap option we believe it is one of the best solutions, however, as with so many things in life this is just an opinion. We have seen quite a few long foam hip pads on the market used by drag queens that are VERY good so ensure you check them out before you make your investment.


For those of you who are a little handy with your arts and crafts, there are loads of great videos on the internet that are very helpful our favourite one can be viewed by following THIS LINK (The wonderful Sugar Love). Failing that you can always purchase a ready crafted pair, currently, our recommendation is by a company who goes by the name PlanetPepper. We hope you found this blog of interest if so please feel free to comment we would love to hear from you.

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