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Get great ladylike curves in an instant. If it sounds too good to be true that’s because that’s often the case. However not this time. Ever now and again I get a challenge which is a little too hard to resist. Recently I was asked if I could recommend somewhere to buy cheap hip and thigh pads. Now at this point, I will say I normally wear quite expensive silicon hip pads. It would be fair to say they are not cheap. So I consulted the net and found some possibilities, but they were either too small, ineffective or too expensive for what they were. My next option was to possibly make my own, now there’s a thought! After some research, I purchased a block of 3″ high-density foam (18″x18″).

I then set about making my very own hip and thigh pads. If you would like to see how it all turned out, then please feel free to watch the accompanying video and get great ladylike curves in an instant. Hopefully, it will be of interest and assistance. If the video does not work you can always use THIS LINK

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