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Have you ever wondered how to create a more realistic cleavage? Over the years I have tried virtually every form of silicone breast form and chest-plates to try and achieve a good cleavage one that well makes people question what’s before them. Until recently I was never exactly satisfied, I have used chest tape to produce the effect, however, sadly the suppliers of the product suddenly announced they would no longer be providing the product. This left me a little bereft of ideas as other tapes I have used were either too aggressive (duct tape) and took my skin off or would simply give up the ghost and come undone. However, the solution was right under my nose, literally. Sports injury tape has all the characteristics required. It is durable, flexible and has very good adhesion. Combine the tape with a few simple make-up techniques and you have what I believe to be an eye-catching bustline. The below video shows step by step exactly how I currently create my new best friends!

Items used in the tutorial – How to create a cleavage.

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